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Requirements Wh​en Applying for A Building Permit 

The following list includes the required paperwork that must be submitted at the time of application, or the application will Not be accepted. If the Zoning Board of Appeals granted a variance the approved minutes must accompany the application, or it will Not be accepted. All this paperwork is part of the construction documents to be kept on file. 

1. Planning review and approval of placement: The Planning Department will be able to tell you the setbacks and Zoning requirements for your property. This information is required in order to draw up your scaled plot plan for the Planning & Zoning Department’s review. If you cannot meet all zoning requirements, you cannot be issued a building permit. You may apply for a variance request through the Planning Department. They will supply you with additional information and the meeting schedules of the Zoning Board of Appeals. If your variance is granted, then you can apply for your building permit at the Building Department once the approved minutes are available. 

2. Scaled Plot Plan: You are responsible for the accuracy of your plot plan as well as any other plans submitted. If you are building within 5ft of your lot line, you are required to use a Certified Line Survey for your plot plan. This provision may be waived if you can locate your Capped Survey Markers. The scaled plot plan must be stamped approved by the Planning Department before the building permit packet can be submitted to the Building Department. 
Building Envelope 
Streets and driveways with labels 
Lot number, subdivision, and parcel ID number 
Any proposed and existing buildings marked as such. Show distance of all new buildings/ additions or accessory structures to the property lines and to each other. 
Indicate location of the well and the septic field and tank and the distance from any new construction and existing structures.
Indicate any existing easements and utilities (overhead & underground).
Indicate any lakes, streams, ponds, and/or wetlands.

If you have any questions regarding your plot plan, please feel free to contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 248-887-3791 ext. #2.

3. Grading Plan: A scaled drawing of the building site showing all buildings existing and proposed and the direction of surface water runoff of the site. This applies to all new construction. This may be included in your scaled plot plan.

4. Subdivision Association Review: Please include a copy of your Association Review if you plan construction within a subdivision that has an active association. They may have restrictions other than the ones enforced by the Township. 

5. Perk Test and Well Permits:  
Contact Oakland County Health Division Location: 
The North Office Health Center Building at 1200 N. Telegraph 
Phone: General Information 248-858-1312 
The proposed new house construction requires an approved perk test. The proposed additional bedrooms require existing septic system review by the Health Department. The approved perk testmust be included with your building permit application; check to make sure the number of the permit is clearly marked on the perk test. 

6. Municipal Water Systems:  Contact the Oakland County Water Resources Commission Phone: 248-858-1110 Location: 2636 Dixie Hwy, Waterford, MI 48328 Some subdivisions have municipal water systems; so, water connection permits are required. 

7. Driveway Approach Permit:  Contact Oakland County Road Commission. Citizen Service Department Phone: 248-858-4804 Permits Phone: 248-858-4835 Location: 2420 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328 If your new house is built on property adjoining an Oakland County Road, you will need a Driveway Approach Permit when you apply for your building permit. 

8. Soil Erosion Permit:  Contact Oakland County Water Resources Commission. Phone: 248-858-5389 Location: 1 Public Works Dr Bldg 95 West, Waterford, MI 48328 When building a new house, addition, or accessory structure on property within 500’ of a lake, stream or sub aqueous area, it is required to have the Drain Commission review the location. We require a copy of the Soil Erosion Permit when applying for a building permit. 

9. Blueprints – Residential Two complete sets of blueprints or drawings must be submitted when applying for a residential building permit. Plan for at least Two Weeks for a print review. One set of prints will be kept on file in the office and the other will be returned to you to be kept on site when you pay for your permit. The Building Official may note comments or corrections on your prints. Please review them at once. Houses 5,000 -sq. ft. and over require an Architectural Stamp on the prints. PLEASE NOTE: For home remodel/renovations submit a floor plan of existing structure and a separate floor plan of the intended structure after renovations. 

10. Michigan Uniform Energy Code: Required for all new living space over 500sqft. We accept REScheck and Energy Star software program work sheets for compliance with the Michigan Energy Code 2015. Just google Rescheck or EnergyStar 

11. Commercial projects require two (2) sets of prints stamped by an Architect or Engineer and take approximately three (3) weeks for review. Licensed Contractors must pull all Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Permits. PLEASE NOTE: COMMERCIAL OR MULTI-LIVING: Exterior Lighting will Require a Planning Review through the Planning Department  

12. Proof of Ownership:  If you’ve owned your property for less than a year please supply a copy of your Deed, Land Contract, or Memorandum of Land Contract when making application for new construction. A Purchase Agreement, Property Transfer Affidavit, or Property Tax receipt are Not Acceptable as proof of ownership. 

13. Written Authorization from Property Owner:  Contractors must supply a written authorization from the property owner stating that the contractor may pull permits on their property for this project. A copy of the signed contract will suffice. 

14. Copies of Contractors License, Driver’s License, and proof of Limited Liability Insurance.

15. Notarized letter for agent/representatives to pull permits on behalf of the licensee.   

Additional Information Regarding Building Permits

1. Mailbox Placement: Before placing a mailbox on your property call the Highland Township Postmaster at 248-887-4722. 

2. Building Permit Fee:  The building permit fee is based on the value of the proposed construction as determined by the Building Official during review. This fee must be paid when picking up your approved permit. You may pay for your building permit with cash, check, or credit card. However, the Township does not accept two party checks. The building permit does not cover Electrical, Plumbing or Heating work that may be part of the same project. Note: When remodeling existing structures and you discover rotted materials, stop and call the Building Official before proceeding. If you continue without permission from the Building Official your permit will be rescinded, and all fees will be forfeited. If alterations exceed 50% of the structure it will be considered a new build and must be brought to current codes.

3. Posting a Cash Permit Deposit (Bond):  When the job is completed and you have received your Certificate of Occupancy, your deposit will automatically be returned to you, minus refuse collection fee for new construction or any additional inspection fees or outstanding bills. Your refund check will be sent to you by mail approx. thirty (30) days after your Certificate of Occupancy is issued. 

4. Issuance of Street Number:  This is done at the time of the review of the building permit application. When you obtain your building permit your street number will be issued and printed on your building permit. 

5. Obtaining Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Permits:  These are separate permits from the building permit. The building permit only covers the structural work and does not permit you to do electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work. To obtain any of these additional permits fill out the applications describing exactly what you will be installing in each of these categories. A permit fee will be charged for each permit separately. Homeowners doing their own work can pull a Homeowners Permit. If a contractor is doing the work, they must obtain the permit in their company name in order to work on the job in question.  

6. All Contractors: Please note the following procedures and policies.

 Work done Prior toPulling a Permit is subject to Double Fees.  

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing permits may be applied for by mail.   

When Pulling a Permit Please observe the following for Each Application: 

1. Include Building Permit # if applicable, address, and job description/items. 

2. Enclose a copy of contractor’s license every time. 

3. Enclose a copy of contractor’s driver license every time. 

4. Contractors must sign and date applications. 

5. Agents/Representatives must submit a currently dated notarized letter on company letterhead granting permission to the agent to pull permits for the licensee. 

Additional Requirements for Modular Homes: ·    
Minimum square footage is 1,000 square feet. 

An approval sticker from the State of Michigan must be affixed to the home. 

Building System Approval Report from the Department of Labor of Michigan 

HUD approved homes are required to go to the Zoning Administrator for review.

Demolition requirements:     

Proof of property ownership 

Two plot plans to scale     

Proof of Electrical Service disconnect from Utility Company    

Proof of Gas Service disconnect from Utility Company    

Proof of septic cleanout from the septic company     

Proof of well abandonment from Oakland County Health Division    

Proof of Soil Erosion Permit or Waiver from Water Resource Commission (if within 500' of wetlands) 
Proof of Asbestos Abatement or Waiver from abatement company (for commercial projects only) 

PLEASE NOTE: A set of Approved prints Must be on site for All inspections. 

Fees for permits are Doubled if work has started Prior to Obtaining said Permit.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Building Department or the Planning Department at 248-887-3791 x 8