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Assessment Notices & 
Board of Review 
Appeal Process

Assessment Notices

Each year by the end of February, property owners receive their “Notice of Assessment” in accordance with State law. The Notice of Assessment will show any changes in Taxable Value, Assessed Value and the State Equalized Value (SEV). It will also show the property classification as well as if the property had been transferred and the percentage of Principle Residence Exemption (Homestead). And it shows the approximate change in what you will be paying in taxes. How to read your notice of assessment.

What does this notice mean? 
Based on the change in Taxable Value is an estimated amount based on last year’s millage rates. 

What is Property Classification? Property is classified according to its primary use. If you feel that your property is misclassified, please contact the Assessing office at 248-887-3791 ext. 3 to appeal the classification to the Board of Review 

Assessed Value/SEV and Taxable Value? Assessed Value is equal to 50% of the market value of your property. Taxable Value is the product of the previous year’s Taxable Value increased by the Consumers price Index (Inflation rate) unless there were physical changes to the property. The Taxable Value can never be higher that the Assessed/SEV. In the event of a transfer of ownership, the Taxable will usually be equal to the Assessed Value/SEV 

Do you have a Principle Residence Exemption (Homestead)? You must own and occupy the property to qualify for the Principle Residence Exemption (Homestead). Having a Homestead will exempt you from paying the school operating tax. You can only claim the Homestead on one home whether it is here in Michigan or in another state.