205 N. John Street, Highland Michigan 48357


The Highland Kindness campaign shines a spotlight on kindness that exists in our community and encourages everyone to share acts of kindness that they see or experience. Through kindness we continue to build pride and closeness.   

The campaign brings together residents, business, schools, non-profits and others, who are encouraged to not only extend acts of kindness but also share kind acts they see or experience on the Highland Kindness facebook page.  On social media, readers can search the #HighlandKindness hashtag to see other stories about acts of kindness.    

Schools, businesses and non-profits are invited to share kind acts that occur within their organizations, including business owners, patrons and students. Businesses are encouraged to name a monthly Kindness Ambassador, chosen from candidates nominated by fellow employees. Kindness Ambassadors will be featured on #HighlandKindness, including the name of their business and the story of what they achieved in order to be named a Kindness Ambassador.    

Working together, we can commit to putting kindness first in Highland.   

Acts of kindness take place in Highland every day and we want to hear about them! Whether it is paying it forward in a coffee shop or sharing a kindness showed to you by a friend or stranger, stories of Highland Kindness are spreading far and wide.   

Highland is a great place to live.  Let’s make it better.