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Opening a New or Relocated Business

We are so pleased that you have chosen our community for your new or relocated business.  We are happy to help you through the process of opening your business here.  Before signing a lease or purchase agreement, you should discuss your potential location with Planning & Zoning Department staff. We can assist you in moving through the approval process smoothly so you can open the doors to your customers.   

land use/Business 
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Land Use Permit/Business Registration

If you are buying an existing business or opening a business in an existing building in any zoning district you must apply for a Land Use Permit. 

Staff will then review your prosed use and location and determine if the use is permissible un the current zoning. 

If you have selected a properly zoned location, staff then reviews any previously approved site plans on file, alongside the current zoning ordinance, and compares it to conditions on site to determine what, if any, improvements might be needed to bring the site into compliance. 

The items most frequently identified are missing landscape materials, lighting that has been modified to no longer comply with the ordinance, missing directional or parking signs and striping, and dumpster enclosures. A site that has been well maintained or has recently had a change of tenant may need little or no improvement.

If the Land Use Permit is inspected and approved staff will then register your business.