1. If you have a well, test it for contaminants regularly. The fact that a neighbor’s well tests safe does not mean that your well is safe. As the Oakland County Health Department (OCHD) for information and guidance. The OCHD can be contacted by phone at 248-858-1312.

2. If you drill a new well, study local well codes and requirements before you start. Ask the Oakland County Health Department for information at 248-858-1312.

3. If there is an abandoned well on your property, have it properly plugged. An open, abandoned well is a possible conduit for groundwater contamination. It should never be used for waste disposal. The OCHD or the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality can be contacted for help.

4. If you have a septic system, pump it out every one to three years. Do not flush grease, caustics and non-biodegradable material in the system. Before installing a new septic system, read local code requirements. Have a new septic system installed by a licensed company. Do not use septic tank cleaners. They are not needed and can be harmful.

5. Federal law requires that abandoned underground storage tanks (USTs) be removed and that leaking tanks be replaced. If you have an UST on your property, have it checked for leaks. Consider switching to above ground storage tanks.

6. If you farm, follow the best livestock manure management practices available. Test the soil to avoid over application of fertilizer. Follow label recommendations for proper pesticide application. Do not apply chemicals if heavy rain is forecast. Learn about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) from your cooperative extension service.

7. Properly dispose of household hazardous wastes and their containers. Support collection days and facilities in our community. Call the Township Hall and ask about household hazardous waste disposal day and find out what you can do with chemicals you no longer use.

8. NEVER DUMP, SPILL OR PERMIT CONTAMINANTS TO LEAK ON THE GROUND. Take used oil to the nearest collection center. For more information, call 1-800-634-9504.

9. Be alert for leaking storage tanks or leaks and spill in your community. Report pollution emergency cases to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The hotline number to call is 1-800-292-4706