Attached Garages:
- Footings - 42" deep minimum
- Slab - Min. 4" thick concrete
- ½" dry wall firewall between house and garage
- Electrical Permit is Required (see basic electrical requirements)
- All wood construction must be a minimum of 8" above grade

Detached Garages, All Accessory Structures & Pole Barns:
- If a pole barn has a cement floor and is not heated, no footings are needed around the perimeter of floor. If the pole barn is heated, 42" frost footings are needed around perimeter of floor.

- Detached garages and accessory structures not exceeding 400 sq. ft. in area or 10' in height shall have minimum footing that extend 12" below grade. All other structures exceeding 400 sq. ft. shall be 42" in depth below grade.
- All structures must be constructed a minimum of six (6) feet apart measured between any part of the building.

- All sheds need prints of floor plan, sectional view and elevations.
- All sheds 400 square feet or larger in area or 10 feet or taller in height shall have a cement slab with minimum footings 12" wide and 12" deep.

Swimming Pool/Spa/Hot Tub: (24" deep or deeper require permit)
- In-ground swimming pool - plan showing steel grid system layout must be submitted when making application.

- Indicate electrical plan for grounding.
- Code requires proper fencing or protection measures. It will be necessary to indicate this on your plans when they are submitted for approval.
- A self-closing/self-latching gate is required.
- Above ground pool - please bring in a pool brochure to provide information as to the style of the pool.


- Will need floor plan and sectional view.
- Post holes - 42" deep; cement pad on bottom of postholes.
- If deck is more than 30" above grade it will need railing.
- Railing - min. 36" high, spindles - max. <4" spacing in a vertical pattern.