Direct Burial Cable
30 Amp or less: 24"
Over 30 Amp: 24"

PVC Conduit
30 Amp or less: 18"

Over 30 Amp: 18"

Rigid Conduit
30 Amp or less: 6"
Over 30 Amp: 6"
Intermediate Conduit
30 Amp or less: 6"
Over 30 Amp: 6"

EMT (Thin wall)
Can't Bury in Ground

Q. What is required for wiring in a garage?
A. Attached Garage:
A minimum of 1 plug (GFI) type and 1 light with switch for light in garage must be installed. A light for every exterior door and accompanying switch
Detached Garage:
No electrical required, but if you do put in electrical, an electrical permit is required.

Q. Where are GFI protected receptacles required?
A. Bathroom plugs, outside plugs, garage plugs (for general use receptacles - not for
door openers, etc.), 110 Volt motors for swimming pool or spa, Kitchen above all counters, and at least one GFI plug in basement.

Q. Where are separate circuits required?
A. Garage door opener, Pump (well, sump, etc.), garbage disposal, dishwasher, any motor 1/8th H.P. or more, electric range, oven, counter-top stove, etc., hot water heater, dryer (220 volt or 110 volt), attic fan, and furnace, etc.


1. All holes that wiring passes through in top of bottom plates of walls must be fire stopped, also wiring passing through cold air returns.
2. All grounds must be spliced with buchanans or wire nuts at the rough inspection.
3. Boxes installed in cold air returns must be metal.
4. Wiring can only pass horizontally straight through cold air returns.
5. Smoke detectors are required at every level including basement, in every bedroom and adjoining hall way, and must be wired in series to sound together, with battery backup in case of a power failure.
6. All devises in plastic boxes (switches or receptacles) must be grounded.