Land divisions, or "lot splits", are regulated by the State Land Division Act and the Highland Township Code of Ordinances (Chapter 20.5). The Zoning Administrator reviews and approves applications for land division with input from the Township Assessor and Planning Director.
An acceptable land division proposal meets the following criteria:
- Suitable access to a public or private road
- Minimum lot frontage criteria
- Minimum acreage
- Minimum buildable area
- Maximum depth-to-width ratio (4 to 1)
- Right to divide parcel in conformance with Land Division Act

Please refer to the Schedule of Regulations in the Zoning Ordinance for setbacks and minimum lot sizes. The zoning map is also available on line for review.

Your completed land division application must be submitted with a warranty deed and sketches of your proposed lot layout. You must also obtain approval from the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) for your driveway access or private road approach. In most cases, you should obtain your preliminary approval before the surveyor completes a certified survey.

In many cases, a private road must be developed to provide access for new lots in Highland Township.  To view the private road ordinance, click here

To view the Township Engineering Design Standards, click here.

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