The Dashboard has been created to give you a quick snapshot of Highland’s makeup.  For purposes of accountability and transparency each city, village, township or county shall meet specific requirements established by the State of Michigan, through PA 252 of 2014.  This creates a consistency across communities.   

Citizen's Guide Revenue - General Fund

Citizen's Guide Expenditures

Citizen's Guide Financial Position

Citizen's Guide Other Obligations

Performance Dashboard

Debt Service Report

Approved 2016 Budget

2016 Post Audit Financials

2016 Auditors Financial Report

2017 Citizens Guide

2017 Debt Service Report

2017 Excel Dashboard

2017 Projected Budget

2017 Approved Budget

February 2017 Amendment

March 2017 Amendment 


Please send any comments or suggestions to Treasurer Judy Cooper at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


*Highland’s new Dashboard has been created to comply with Public Act 252 of 2014.