Pre-application meeting-

Prior to the pre-application the Applicant should meet and the Zoning Administrator to discuss the project, submittal requirements and the review process. The applicant will need to provide sufficient information prior to the meeting so that the Zoning Administrator may identify other staff, consultants or interested parties whose early input would be beneficial to the review process. For example you may meet with, depending on your project, the Zoning Administrator, Planning and Economic Director, Planner, Township Supervisor, the Building Official, Fire, Police, Planning Commissioners and the Downtown Development Authority. A meeting with the Zoning Administrator can be set up at the Applicants convenience by calling 248-887-3791 ext. 120 or by visiting the Highland Township Offices and speaking with the Zoning Administrator.

The Zoning Administrator will supply the Applicant with a pre-application meeting checklist and set up the appointment for the pre-application meeting.

The purpose of the pre-application meeting is to provide guidance and identify issues and resources for the applicant. No approvals or decisions will result from the pre-application meeting. Comments or suggestions of staff and consultants are for the applicant's consideration and are not binding upon the Board or Commission with authority to act on the application.