Public information is available through the FOIA process:


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is handled through the Clerk's Office by an assigned FOIA Coordinator (248-887-3791 ext. 121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  For basic information about FOIA please view the Public Summary of our FOIA Procedures & Guidelines for a better understanding of how FOIA works and answers to some commonly asked questions.  For more detailed info, please see the FOIA Policy

A FOIA inquiry can be made by submitting a completed FOIA Request Form via fax:  248-889-0988, email, regular mail or by visiting the Clerk's Office to fill out available forms.  Upon receiving your request the FOIA Coordinator will evaluate your application and be in contact with you throughout the completion of the FOIA.  

There may be fees associated with processing the FOIA request.  You can view the costs on our FOIA Itemized Cost Sheet . You will be informed by the FOIA Coordinator of any fees and payment instructions before proceeding. 

All FOIA applications are to be completed in 5 business days starting the day after the Coordinator receives the request.  However, if a FOIA requires more time a 10-day extension for FOIA completion will be scheduled.  A FOIA request may also be denied.  In either case you will receive a written explanation. 


Additional FOIA forms are included below:


FOIA Appeal to Denial

FOIA Appeal Form to Excessive Fees