Dog Licenses


How and when do I get my dog's license?

Dog licenses are available in early December at the Treasurer's Office or at Oakland County Animal Control.

Dogs are required by Michigan State Law to be licensed every year. To obtain a license, proof of current rabies vaccination is needed.

Current Dog License - One Year (December 1st through June 1st)
   Spayed/Neutered $10.50
   Male/Female $18.00
   Senior Spayed/Neutered  $9.75
   Senior Male/Female  $16.50

Delinquent Dog License - One Year (June 2nd-November 30th)    Any dog  $33.00

Three year license are also available for dogs that have a current 3 year rabies vaccination.  The vaccination must cover the entire 3 year license time frame.

Exceptions to the June 1st fee increase:

  New resident (within 30 days)
  New dog (within 30 days)
  Dog just turned 4 months of age (within 30 days)