The Parks and Recreation Master Plan serves as a guide in decision making for the next five years in the development and enhancement of park and recreation facilities.  An approved plan also enables the Township to pursue grant funding for priority projects.

The plan can be downloaded here:

     Cover and Introduction
     Community Description and Administrative Structure

     Recreation Inventory (part 1)
     Recreation Inventory (part 2)

     Public Participation & Needs Assessment/Goals and Priorities/Appendices

The non-motorized vehicle pathway master plan is a subset of the Recreation Plan that deals specifically with guidance of where sidewalks, bikepaths and other multi-purpose paths should be built.  It can be viewed here:

     Non-Motorized Pathway Master Plan Part 1
     Non-Motorized Pathway Master Plan Part 2

     Non-Motorized Pathway Master Plan Part 3


2015 Park Meeting Schedule (Subject to Change) Schedule Not Yet Determined for 2015

                                          Meetings are Held 7:00 p.m.
                                           Highland Township Auditorium
                                           205 N. John Street
                                           Highland, MI 48357 (248-887-3791)