Blueprint Requirements


A. Reverse prints will Not be accepted

B. Houses that are 3500 sqft or larger Must have an Architectural Stamp on the prints.

C. Blueprints or drawings Must be Drawn To Scale and No Less than one-quarter inch equals one foot.  (1/4"=1')

D. Elevations: To Scale

    Elevations are drawings that show the outside of the structure with all dimensions listed.  These drawings must be scaled so that all elements appear in true relationship to each other.  Generally, the various elevations are connected to the site by listing them according to the compass directions they face.  The plans may also be labeled Front, Rear, Left Side, Right Side

       1. Complete roof design on each view given.

       2. Include all doors and windows showing dimensions to openings from corners.

E. Foundation Plan / Basement or Crawl Area : To Scale

    Foundation plans are similar to floor plans and are often combined with basement plans.  The footings, if shown, are represented by a dotted line since it is assumed that the basement floor is in place and that the grade covers the footings on the outside.  Indicate the following: 

        1. Foundation width and dimensions

        2. Supporting pads with dimensions

F. Floor Plan: To Scale

   Floor Plans would indicate the exact room dimensions used for each room, and must include the following:

        1. Exterior dimensions

        2. Room sizes

        3. Location and sizes of interior partitions, doors, windows, and stairs

        4. Plumbing fixtures and various appliances and utility installations

G. Sectional View: To Scale

    The Sectional View should indicate foundation, footings, wall and roof composition, all showing dimensions.